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Academic Profile


Asit Kumar De is an academician by profession. He retired on 31 December 2018 as Senior Professor and Head of the Theory Division of the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. Brilliant throughout as a student, after finishing undergraduate and post-graduate curricula in Physics from Presidency College and University College of Science in Kolkata, he spent more than 13 years abroad at several US Universities such as Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, The Ohio State University in Columbus and Washington University in St. Louis and also at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, RWTH in Aachen, Germany for PhD and post-doctoral research work. He finally joined as a faculty member of the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in his hometown Kolkata in 1994.


Asit has had an illustrious academic career. During his PhD tenure in the US, his work was awarded as one of the top research work across the science streams of the University. He has published many research articles in the best journals of his area of research, theoretical high energy physics. Five PhD works were originated from Asit’s research initiatives during his first post-doctoral tenure, three of which he effectively supervised at a very young age. He has contributed significantly in several fundamental issues and has been engaged in a few novel areas in his field of research. He has been invited to give talks and chair sessions at several important international conferences and symposia.


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